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Pupil Statements

“Learning with Learner One was easy and relaxed”.
J. Crawford of Chapel Park

“Brilliant tuition. John taught both of my children and is now teaching me”.
T. Farmer of Longbenton

“Relaxed and lovely learning with Pauline”.
Y. Appleby of Shieldfield

“Absolutely excellent, patient, friendly and relaxed; and I’ve recommended Pauline to my sister”.
S. Maxwell of West Moor

“Ken made it as easy as possible for me to pass“.
P. Elliott of Walker

“I had a couple of instructors from different driving schools, and found Ken much better”.
V. Hawksfield of Gosforth

“Learning to drive was great and Dave was absolutely brilliant”.
M. Young of Wallsend

“Dave was excellent. He was most helpful during my refresher course”.
M. Snowdon of Benton

“Driving was fun and Bill was a lovely person. I had a lot of say in what we covered, not telling me what to do, it was a two way process”.
Danny of Wallsend

“I really enjoyed learning with Bill”.
G. Patterson of Holywell

“Learning with Dave was comfortable. He is easy going and builds confidence. He put me at ease when I was nervous. He explained in detail any difficulties I had and helped me with the theory test”.
Danielle of Montagu Estate

“I would recommend Learner One to anyone. They really look after their customers and offer a professional service”.
Davey Turner of Walker

“I decided to learn to drive and contacted various driving schools. Learner One was the most helpful and thorough with information; and their prices were reasonable, particularly the introductory offer”.

“I would not hesitate to recommend John to anyone thinking of learning to drive. His calm, clear approach and amiable affirming manner enabled me to persevere with a fairly difficult task, which I finally succeeded”.
K. Marsh of Walker