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About Learner One Driving School

LEARNER ONE, the driving school, has attained an excellent reputation by providing the best quality driving instruction in Newcastle and throughout North Tyneside. To learn more about the areas our driving instructors cover please click here.

When you enjoy the competitive rates of lessons at LEARNER ONE, you can also confidently expect quality tuition.

As required by the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency, LEARNER ONE instruction is structured to suit the ability of the individual.

During your driving lessons you will be informed of what you are covering for that session, how you have progressed during the lesson, and what you will be covering during the next lesson.

You will be given one to one training, and your driving lessons will last the full duration of the time agreed. Lessons will not be cut short. The time of the lesson will be to suit your lifestyle, and the available times are very flexible. There is no extra charge for evenings or weekends.

We are very keen to give our customers a good service, so when booking your driving lessons you may find that one hour is not long enough, but 2 hours is too long to spend in car. If so then you could book 1.5 hour sessions. LEARNER ONE always has block-booking discounts to save you money.

The Driving School Manager is always available if you have any problems or queries, and always happy to help.

Our Driving Instructors

  • ¬†At LEARNER ONE you will be guaranteed the allocation of a professional, highly qualified Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency instructor.
  • If you would feel more comfortable with a lady instructor then LEARNER ONE has female instructors available for you.
  • All of our driving instructors are patient, friendly and reliable.
  • Our instructors want you to enjoy your training with them and will make your driving lessons as enjoyable as possible.
  • LEARNER ONE instructors always wear professional, business attire, and abide by the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency code of conduct.
  • Our trainers regularly review our instructors to ensure that the quality of service given to LEARNER ONE customers is always kept to a high standard.

After all, the excellent reputation of our driving school can only be maintained by the professionalism of our driving instructors. For further information please contact Learner One Driving School TODAY!